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This page describes the most common properties of locations and infrastructures in Pathfinder.

Select the Add Location option from the infrastructure section.

You can fill in the fields to create properties for your location and building infrastructures.



To create a new location, click on the navigation icon (1) on the sidebar (Alt + N). Click the add location, building, floor or room button icon and select Location (2) from the drop down menu.

Fill out the information for your new location (3) and select OK to add your location on the map.

You can also attach files belonging to the nested location directly to it via the Documents tab.


You can create and manage buildings, rooms, floors and components in a similar way as well.

For more information on location design management, go to:



The location properties consist of the following fields:

Name: Name your location.

Short name: Create a short name to quickly find your location.

Description: Write a description about the location.

Street: The street address of your location.

ZIP code: The postal code of your location.

City: The name of the city your location is in.

Latitude: Your location’s geographical position (Lat).

Longitude: You location’s geographical position (Long).

View mode: Choose between three options.

  • View your buildings on the OpenStreetMap only.

  • View your buildings on a custom background only.

  • Both.

URL: Attach a weblink.

External Ref no.: Add an external reference number.

Bookmark: Shareable bookmark link for browsers.

Documents: This field has an extended menu which allows adding and deleting flies and documents .

Permissions: Create read and Write authorization for users.


Once you have created a location, you can add a building in that location.

From the create new location window, click on the add building button (1) to add a building. Click on OK to finish. This step can be repeated in the next window for creating buildings to create a floor and so on until a cabinet, rack or component has been placed inside a room.

You can view the nested building infrastructure here (2). Double click on a building name to open its properties.

You can also upload documents from the Documents tab, review the history and scan the barcode to print the label for this location.