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Cabinets and Rack Components

This page describes how to create cabinets and racks in a room and populate them with components. Cabinets and Racks contain components such as patch panels, servers, routers, switches, and support materials.

End devices like PCs and Printers do not need to be mounted onto racks or cabinets.

Double click on the room to enter it. Inside the room, you can place your component definitions. Before placing your network components like routers, switches, servers, etc., it is recommended to create a rack or cabinet to mount them in.

You can right click on the room from the navigation section or from the room area screen and Add Cabinet (1). From the local catalog (2), double click or click on Add to place cabinets and racks in the room.

You can use the design mode to move your components around inside the room. If you do not see your component in the local catalog, you can search for them in the online catalog and import them in you local catalog.


Double Click on the Cabinet or Rack to open the component.

You can switch between the front view and the rear view of the components by pressing the F or R button (1) respectively.

Right click on an empty section of rack and select Place Component in rack (2) from the drop down menu. Select the component from local catalog (3) and click on a rack unit position to place it.

Repeat this process until all your desired components are placed in the rack and click on Create (4) to complete populating your racks or cabinets with the component definitions required for your network infrastructure.


For more information about cabinets and racks, go to: Cabinets and Racks