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Installation Cable Connections


This page describes how to create permanent installation cable connections. Permanent installation cabling is done between two infrastructures (buildings, floors and rooms) under one or multiple locations. Installation cables deal with the rear face port patching. They are generally placed through trays and connected at both ends on rack or cabinet components such as, patch panels.

Create Permanent Installation Cable

Right click on the component and click on Place cables (1) to start the permanent cabling process.

In this option, you can specify the ports you want to connect for the Source and Destination components as well as create the cable definition used for the permanent cabling. The tray placement is not possible with this option and has to be done separately.

The Place cable (extended) (2) provides the possibility of both permanent cabling and tray placement. It also provides a more detailed management option for the core wire selection.


The source component (1) is the selected Patch Panel component and it will have its information already filled out. Please fill out the information for the destination (2). First choose your location, then select your building, floor, room and component respectively.

After you have selected your source and destination components, the available ports will be shown below (3). Select the number of ports you want to connect between your components and click on Next. The selected ports for the source and destination must be same.


After allocating the ports for both source and destination components, you have to choose the cable definition (1) for the type of cable running between the components. If you do not see a cable definition you need, you can simply create your own cable definition here my clicking on the + icon.

You can change the port to port connections of your components here (2) by dragging and dropping the source or destination ports to the corresponding column. After reviewing your network click on Complete to finish the permanent cabling process.



Network Path Overview

You can change the component face to view the front or rear of the component by selecting F or R (1) respectively.

Hovering the mouse over a port (2) will show information about the port and connections.

Double clicking on a port will show a graphical and grid view of the network path when the port has a cable connection.


For more information about creating permanent installation cable connections, go to: Cable Management