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Creating Patch Cable Connections (1:n)

This page describes how to perform 1:n network port patch connections in Pathfinder.

Select the Place Ports Individually option from the cable management section.

You can connect one source port with one or multiple destination ports. You will need to have supporting components and cables to perform this action.



Select the source component and destination component (1).

You can select the ports here (2). The selected source port should be no more than one.

You can select the number of destination component ports here (3).

When your selection is complete click on Next.



Select your cable definition for your port selection (1). If a specific cable definition for your port selection is not available, you can send us a request to create it for your or you can also create one yourself.

For more information about creating cable definitions, go to: Create Cable Definitions.

You can manage naming rules and print a barcode for your physical network cable as well.

You can see an overview of your cable connection here (2).

If you want to change your selection you can click on the Back button. You can also use the the icon to search for ports on your component and organize your port selection.

Click on Finish to complete your network patch cable connection.