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Serial Patch Cable Connections

This page describes how to serially patch network ports in Pathfinder.

Select the Patch Ports by Route option from the cable management section.

You can connect multiple components is series using this method. This cabling method is only possible between components in the same room.



Serial Patching


You can select your initial component here (1). The ports for this component will be available in the patch list.

The patch list (2) is used to create serial connections with components up to the final port. You can select the source port, the port of the following component and the cable definition here.

Once you have selected the cable definition, the naming rule will be automatically applied and a cable name will be generated. You can create your own naming rule or edit the cable name by double clicking on the name.

For more information about creating naming rules, go to: Naming Rule Definitions.



Click on the button in the target port column to select the next port. You can choose any component placed in the same room as the source component.

For the target port selection, you can filter by components and ports (1) and select ports from within components (2). You can find formation about the port type and connection status. You can also observe the network path of components that are already connected (3).

Double click on a component from the display to confirm your selection.

Once your have selected an cable and assigned it a name your cable connection is complete. The component you connected to will now be selected and you can select a port from the source port column again. You can repeat this process to create more serial patch connections.