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Cable Based Connection Overview

This pages describes the cable connection overview for a cabinet or rack in Pathfinder.



Quick Overview



Hover over the top right corner of any cabinet or rack component.

An quick overview of cable connections in the cabinet or rack component will be displayed.

You can also view the total, occupied and free wires in the cable as well as their types.




Detailed Overview

Double click on the top right corner of a cabinet or rack component to open the detailed overview of the cable based connections.

You can view the component information here (1).

You can add, delete and view cable network paths here (2).

The cables connected to component in the cabinet or rack are displayed here (3).

Information about the wires are provided here (4).

You can right click on a cable to open the context menu.

The context menu provides the following options:

Place cables: Create new cable connections with the component.

Delete cable: Remove existing cable connections from the component

Add to tray: Add cable inside a tray.

Show network path: Show the graphical and grid view network path.

Show in front view: Show the component’s front side.

External applications: Access external applications, like Putty and telnet.

Properties: View cable properties.