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Tray Properties

This page describes the cable tray properties.

In the tray properties, you can edit the tray information.





The cable tray properties consist of the following fields:

Name: Assign a name to the cable tray.

Number: Assign a number to the cable tray.

Description: Write a description for tray.

Purchase date: Purchase date of tray.

Installation date: Installation date of tray.

Last maintenance: Last maintenance date of tray.

Length [m]: Length of tray.

Line cable count: Number of line cables in tray.

Patch cable count: Number of patch cables in tray.

All: Wire usage status for all wires and optical fibers.

Copper: Wire usage status for all copper wires.

URL: Assign a web link to the instance.

External ref.: Assign other external references for the instance.

Bookmark: Copy and share bookmark for the instance with other users in Pathfinder.

Documents: Accompanying documentation for the instance.



You can view all line cables inside the tray (1) under the Cables tab.

You can add new or existing line cables in the tray (2). To add an existing cable in a tray, please make sure the source and destination rooms of both the cables and trays are same or else the cables will not show up as an option.

You can add documentation for the cable in the same way from the Documents tab (3) and view history for changes.

You can also scan the barcode (4).

For more information about cables, go to: Cable Management.

You can view the cable properties in your tray here as well. For more information about cable properties, go to: Cable Properties.



Select the cable you want to place in the tray from the available cables and click OK to complete placement of cables in a tray.

You can place multiple line cables in the same tray as long as the source and destination rooms of trays and cables are the same.

You can place multiple trays with the same infrastructure combinations.