Restrict object access

In this example we will restrict the access of a new user to certain objects. For example it is possible to remove a user's privilege to edit or delete objects or even to make them invisible for the user.

Open the security tab in the sidebar (1) and create a new security label using + (2).

First we will create a label, which grants no permissions at all. Objects tagged with this label, will be invisible to users assigned to it.

Name the label, choose a colour and set the value for read, write and delete to "No" (3). Afterwards assign the new user to the label (4).

If an object is tagged with at least one label, only those users assigned to one of them and administrators will have access to it. For all other users the object will be invisible. This ensures that new users will not get access to restricted objects by accident.

Create two additional labels analogously (5): One that only grants reading permissions and one that only prevents deletions.

Once that is done, access object permission management via ... (6). There you can assign the security labels to certain objects using + (7).

In this example the new user shall only be working in the university, so naturally the office building will be tagged with "NoAccess".

The user shall have read and write access to the university, except for the computer center, where he will be restricted to reading access.

Set the labels accordingly (8). To verify the results easily select the user's perspective via Change View to view their permissions.

When the user logs in now, the office building will be hidden.

The university is completely visible, but any options to delete objects will not be available and within the computer center no changes can be made at all.