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Organize Tables and Reports

This page describes the functionalities of the table system in Pathfinder with examples.

Anywhere in Pathfinder, when ever information is presented in a tabular format, there is a possibility to customize, reorganize and save the information, for example, as a report or excel export.


Filter Column Headers


The first important function in the table is the asterixis * icon (1). This button, located at the top right most corner of the table area, opens the column header options.

Here, you can select the information fields you want to be displayed in your report (2).

Information like port usage and percentages are automatically calculated and generated by Pathfinder algorithm.

Other information such as description, comment, tags, etc. are taken from the properties of the component and therefore the information must manually entered in advance to retrieve them in your reports.


Organize Columns


Once your desired fields have been selected for display, you can further organize them by rearranging the columns.


To rearrange the columns, simply drag and drop the columns before or after another.


User Defined Groups

You can also organize the information by arranging the information in groups.


To sort information in groups, simply drag a column header into the area above the table where it is written, “Drag a column header here to group by that column”.


Using these simple and useful functions you can present your reports in a more personalized and focus specific format.