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Manage Catalog

This page describes the manage catalog option of Pathfinder.

Select the Manage Catalog option from the catalog section. The manage catalog option opens the local catalog sidebar module.

The local catalog stores all imported component definitions in your database.



Catalog Menu



Here you can create a new component definition or import an existing component definition from the online catalog (1).

You can filter through different types of active and passive components and cables.

You would ideally start the documentation of your network in Pathfinder by first building your catalog, i.e. by importing every component definition used in your physical network.

It is recommended to use predefined component definitions from the online catalog, rather than creating your own. This ensures compatibility and saves time.

For more information about creating component definitions, go to: Create Component Definitions.


Context Menu


The category folder context menu provides use of the following actions:

Add category: Create a new category.

Add component definition: Create a new component definition.

Import from category: Import from online catalog of selected category.

Delete: Delete selected category.

Expand: Expand selected category.

Properties: Show properties of selected category.



The component definition context menu provides use of the following actions:

Duplicate component definition: Create a duplicate of the selected component definition.

Show built-in instances: Show component instances present in the network.

Reset component styles: Reset any design changes made to the select component definition to original.

Show modules from catalog: Show available modules in local catalog for the selected component definition.

Import fitting modules: Import modules corresponding to slots in selected component definition.

Delete: Delete selected component definition.

Properties: Show properties of selected component definition.


For more information about properties, go to: Component Properties.