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Design Ports

This pages describes how to design ports for your component definitions.

Select the Ports tab in your component definition properties and click on the add icon at the bottom of the window.

You can view information about the component ports and add port definitions to your component definition here.


You can manage the port design here (1). To add a port definition (2), first select number of ports you want in your component definition.

Select whether the ports should be placed on the front side or the back side of the component.

You can enable auto port numbering or assign a starting number.

Assign the port orientation and select a naming rule for the port.

Finally select the port definition type. You can also create a new port definition type here.

You can add or delete the standard qualities for your ports here (3).

You can also create ports on the opposite side as well and automatically connect the back and front ports with the checkboxes respectively (4).


For more information about port definitions, go to: Manage Port types.

For more information about standards, go to: Manage Standards.