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Network Path Instances

This page describes how to manage network path instances in Pathfinder.

Select the Manage Network Path Instances option from the network and services section.

Network path instances are active network connections with a source and destination port.



Network Path Instance



In this window, you can filter network paths by location, by component definition, tags and by state (1). You can also search for a specific component from within the network.

You can use naming rules to rename your network paths as well as save your filters as reports for later use (2).

For more information on managing reports, go to: Analysis and Reports.

The filter or search results are presented below the fields. Here you can reorder the table headers or drag and drop them here (3) to view by group.

You can also organize the information as required using the asterixis icon (4). You can edit the network path name and some other fields by selecting the row and clicking on that field. You can also click on the ““ icon to apply automatic naming rule.


Context Menu


Right clicking on any of the component instance will bring up the context menu. From the context menu you can perform the following actions:

Show: Displays the source component port of the selected network path in your network instance.

Edit: Opens the network path window to view the network path in graphical or grid view. For more information about the network path, go to: Network Path.

Change value for column “selected column“: Select multiple instances of the same definition and edit them all at once. This option is field specific and will only be available for properties fields that do not require unique name values.