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Naming Convention for Interfaces (e.g. Cisco, Juniper)

Each interface has an interface name, which specifies the media type, the slot in which the interface is located and the port.

The interface name uniquely identifies an individual network connector in the system.

You use the interface name when configuring interfaces and when enabling various functions and properties, such as routing protocols, on individual interfaces.



The system uses the interface name when displaying information about the interface, for example, in the show interfaces command.

eg Cisco: mediatype stack / slot / port like "ge-0/0/0" or " FastEthernet 0/0"

eg Juniper: mediatype stack / slot / port like "ge-0/0/0"


The convention is as follows (examples):

  • mediatype 

    • xe - 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface

    • et - 25/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet interface

    • em - management interface

    • fc - Fiber Channel interface

    • ge - Gigabit Ethernet interface

    • sxe - 10 gigabit service interface

    • xle - 40-Gigabit Ethernet interface

    • fte - 40-Gigabit data plane uplink interface

    • me - management interface

    • em - management interface

  • stack or module

    • On standalone switches, the stack number (or Flexible PIC Concentrator) is always 0 .

  • slot / module / submodule

    • The number indicates the slot number of the line card that contains the physical interface.

  • port

    • Interfaces use the following convention for port numbers: eg 1-48, sfp + 49 through 54



Setting up Naming Rules in Pathfinder


Add a new naming rule for ports


Add lookup values ​​for media types by filling the list (lookup values) with all needed items      



Add a text separator


Add the stack as a lookup value


Add a text separator


Add a lookup value for modules


Add a text separator


Add the number of the port


Using the Naming Rules in Pathfinder


Select the ports of a switch in the rack view for renaming them


Apply naming rule


Fill out the fields of the naming rule