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How do I create a new location?

You can create a new location in Pathfinder in the section "infrastructure" -"add location". You can find a detailed instruction in the chapter Locations.

How can I import previously created excel lists?

In Pathfinder, you can import all your excel lists and AutoCAD files in the section Import and Export. There are detailed instructions in the chapter Import Infrastructure.

How do I place cables?

Cable connections can be generated with the wizard Create Line Cable Connections. You can find more features in the chapter Place Line Cables Connections (Advanced).

How can I add components?

Pathfinder supplies a variety of network components in the online catalog to download. See Import Component Definitions for further information.

How do I create my own components?

The components you need are not available in the online catalog? Request your components directly from tripunkt through Request Component Definitions or Create the component definitions yourself.

How do I populate a cabinet?

Front and back view, levels and how to build nested components in a cabinet can be found here: Cabinets and Racks.

How do I create work orders?

You can open the work order menu via the icon in the navigation bar. There is also a detailed instruction in the chapter Managing work orders.

How do I tag ports?

The tag system makes it easy for you to assign individual tags. You can use phone numbers, customer details or system software information as tags as well as manage VLANs with the Tag system.

How can I get an overview over all outlets?

In the "reports" section, Pathfinder displays a summary of all outlets in a certain section, like a floor, which can be be printed as well, with the Outlet report.

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